Assignment 7: Information Fluency

I read a good book in English 9 this semester, and it is the curious incident of the dog at the night-time. I like this book because I like to see other different points of view from diverse people. The protagonist, Christopher, is a fifteen-year-old boy with autism. “He avoids eye contact. A mere touch sends him into hysterics. He takes words literally and cannot process new and complicated information” is a reasonable explanation for him. This book starts with the death of Christopher’s neighbour’s dog. It succeeded in arousing my desire to read on; readers want to find out who is the murderer. I suggest everyone read this book based on two points. The most important point to read this book is to understanding the way people with autism think so we can get along better with them. The second point is that there are a lot of complicated relationships in the story, and they are helpful to let us identify some of the factors that make or break a good relationship.
Although I recommend this book, there are still a lot of people who object to the book being on the school reading list. In my research, it said “28 f-words, 18 s-words and one c-word” appeared in the novel, and I believe it is true. So, there is a reason that this book is not appropriate for school. But to me, Christopher is just being honest to people including readers. He wrote down every sentence he heard, and they are all the truest. Even though there are some bad languages in the book, but we need to remember that the bad languages are not the object we are trying to learn.
The curious incident of the dog at the night-time is my recommended book this year and my current favorite book.

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