My Proudest Assignment

In the first semester, Math 9, I did a assessment which is my proudest work.

When I got the guideline of this Scale Factor Project, I start to pick the image which is what I need to enlarge on. I chose thisPatrick Star, and started to work on it.Ā  It is really hard to get the accurate position after drawing the lines.

It really takes time to draw. In particular, I need to constantly compare two pictures, calculate the ratio, and find the corresponding position. Following pictures are the process of this work.


After usingĀ  pencil to drew the draft, I use black mark to drew on the draft, then colour it.

The last step is erase the pencil draft after colour the Patrick Star. And this is the final product.

It looks exactly the same as the picture. I drew a perfect scale factor project, and I try to do my best at every step. I work really hard on this assignment and that’s what I’m most proud of.