Chinese Idioms!


1.What is the overall topic and goal of your project?

My topic is Chinese idioms, and I am trying to teach others about three idioms that I just know. There are a lot of idioms in Chinese, and it is impossible to know all of them. But, it is always good when we are getting new knowledge. I am also trying to improve on my edit skills through this project.

2. What tool did you utilize and what did you learn about it?

I used an app called 快影, and it direct me to edit my video. I learn how to make translations between two videos. And, I learned how to combine the audio and video together.

3. How has the process of utilizing this tool impacted your understanding of how technology can change (or help) the world?

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, people can use technology to transmit more information. We can look up anything, and we can understand every aspect of the world better.

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