Break the fake – Omicron is a easier case than cancer

1.I found this post on twitter said that Omicron is actually an easier case comparing with cancer, and people should not prioritizing Omicron over cancer.

2.I tried to google this user in Wikipedia, but there was no results of this user. There is no blue checkmark on his title, so his opinion cannot be fully trusted. The introduction which wrote by himself said that “Historian. Freedom of Speech. Civil Liberties. I will not bend, I will not break! “We Are Many, They Are Few!” (Shelley)”, we can tell that the things he posts are all his own opinions.

3.I found the sources on, telling us that more people were killing by covid instead of cancer.

4.Other sources: I found the statistics of  Covid and Cancer. There are 273 million coronavirus cases worldwide, and the death toll is 534 million so far. There are 9.5 million of people died on cancer in 2018. Comparing these two ratio, covid is actually tricky than cancer. The infection rate of the coronavirus is very fast. Cancer is a disease that is formed by a year-round lifestyle. The essence of the two is different.

5.Overall, I think the post is not right and fake. The user did not really understand the situation, and the user is not quite authoritative.

I am so sorry that I cannot show you the photos. Something went wrong, and I failed by trying to add photos, so there are no photos support my topic.

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