Chinese Idioms!


1.What is the overall topic and goal of your project?

My topic is Chinese idioms, and I am trying to teach others about three idioms that I just know. There are a lot of idioms in Chinese, and it is impossible to know all of them. But, it is always good when we are getting new knowledge. I am also trying to improve on my edit skills through this project.

2. What tool did you utilize and what did you learn about it?

I used an app called 快影, and it direct me to edit my video. I learn how to make translations between two videos. And, I learned how to combine the audio and video together.

3. How has the process of utilizing this tool impacted your understanding of how technology can change (or help) the world?

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, people can use technology to transmit more information. We can look up anything, and we can understand every aspect of the world better.

Assignment 7: Information Fluency

I read a good book in English 9 this semester, and it is the curious incident of the dog at the night-time. I like this book because I like to see other different points of view from diverse people. The protagonist, Christopher, is a fifteen-year-old boy with autism. “He avoids eye contact. A mere touch sends him into hysterics. He takes words literally and cannot process new and complicated information” is a reasonable explanation for him. This book starts with the death of Christopher’s neighbour’s dog. It succeeded in arousing my desire to read on; readers want to find out who is the murderer. I suggest everyone read this book based on two points. The most important point to read this book is to understanding the way people with autism think so we can get along better with them. The second point is that there are a lot of complicated relationships in the story, and they are helpful to let us identify some of the factors that make or break a good relationship.
Although I recommend this book, there are still a lot of people who object to the book being on the school reading list. In my research, it said “28 f-words, 18 s-words and one c-word” appeared in the novel, and I believe it is true. So, there is a reason that this book is not appropriate for school. But to me, Christopher is just being honest to people including readers. He wrote down every sentence he heard, and they are all the truest. Even though there are some bad languages in the book, but we need to remember that the bad languages are not the object we are trying to learn.
The curious incident of the dog at the night-time is my recommended book this year and my current favorite book.

Assignment 7: Information Fluency

Assignment #7 – Information Fluency

Topic: The curious incident of the dog at the night-time

Notes – Cut & paste / paraphrasing My ideas, questions, connections, etc.


The novel of the multiple-Tony winning Broadway play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has been taken off a summer reading list after parents complained about swear words and the book “taking of God’s name in vain.”

After receiving emails and telephone calls from parents over “concerns over the delivery of the text”, Allen Burch, the principal of Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida, cancelled the assignment because he wanted to “give the the opportunity for the parents to parent” according to the Tallahasse Democrat.

“To have that language and to take the name of Christ in vain – I don’t go for that. As a Christian, and as a female, I was offended,” said Sue Gee, a parent who e-mailed the principal on July 20.

According to the Democrat, “the f-word is written 28 times, the s-word 18 times, and the c-word makes one appearance.”

Critics of the decision are calling it an act of censorship. “I feel like it is second-guessing teachers. I never thought that the school would participate in an act of censorship,” Valerie Mindlin, whose children attend the high school, told the newspaper.

The novel by Mark Haddon is about a 15-year-old boy, with Asperger’s Syndrome, who investigates the death of a neighbour’s dog and uncovers dark truths about his family.

My question was why some people said this book is inappropriate.


And I gather my answer by reading some reviews and evaluations. Well, this resource is reliable and believable because I also check on other resources, and they all said “28 f-words, 18 s-words and one c-word” appeared in the novel.


This quote answers my question effectively by using the data proof. And it explained why parents do not want their children to read this book.


I read this book before, and I didn’t pay attention to the bad language because I knew it is just the author is being honest with us, so he write down what he sees and the things that

Zoglin, R. (2014). Broadway Mind Games: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Time.Com, 1.


Christopher, inside whose world we are thrust in Simon Stephens’ extraordinary play, is autistic. He is unable to have normal social interactions or to handle stimuli from the outside that upset his familiar, carefully ordered reality. He avoids eye contact. A mere touch sends him into hysterics. He takes words literally and cannot process new and complicated information — unless it relates to numbers, at which he is something of a genius. The diagnosis today would be Asperger’s disorder, though neither that term nor the word “autism” is ever spoken in the play.

My question was what kind of person is Christopher.


And I gather my answer from this quote. This answer makes sense, and it is believable because I double-check on other resources. And they all have a similar idea.


After I read the book, I have a vague idea about Christopher, who is the protagonist in the book. However, I want a analysis and a summary of him. “He avoids eye contact. A mere touch sends him into hysterics. He takes words literally and cannot process new and complicated information” can answer my question very well.

My Proudest Assignment

In the first semester, Math 9, I did a assessment which is my proudest work.

When I got the guideline of this Scale Factor Project, I start to pick the image which is what I need to enlarge on. I chose thisPatrick Star, and started to work on it.  It is really hard to get the accurate position after drawing the lines.

It really takes time to draw. In particular, I need to constantly compare two pictures, calculate the ratio, and find the corresponding position. Following pictures are the process of this work.


After using  pencil to drew the draft, I use black mark to drew on the draft, then colour it.

The last step is erase the pencil draft after colour the Patrick Star. And this is the final product.

It looks exactly the same as the picture. I drew a perfect scale factor project, and I try to do my best at every step. I work really hard on this assignment and that’s what I’m most proud of.


Break the fake – Omicron is a easier case than cancer

1.I found this post on twitter said that Omicron is actually an easier case comparing with cancer, and people should not prioritizing Omicron over cancer.

2.I tried to google this user in Wikipedia, but there was no results of this user. There is no blue checkmark on his title, so his opinion cannot be fully trusted. The introduction which wrote by himself said that “Historian. Freedom of Speech. Civil Liberties. I will not bend, I will not break! “We Are Many, They Are Few!” (Shelley)”, we can tell that the things he posts are all his own opinions.

3.I found the sources on, telling us that more people were killing by covid instead of cancer.

4.Other sources: I found the statistics of  Covid and Cancer. There are 273 million coronavirus cases worldwide, and the death toll is 534 million so far. There are 9.5 million of people died on cancer in 2018. Comparing these two ratio, covid is actually tricky than cancer. The infection rate of the coronavirus is very fast. Cancer is a disease that is formed by a year-round lifestyle. The essence of the two is different.

5.Overall, I think the post is not right and fake. The user did not really understand the situation, and the user is not quite authoritative.

I am so sorry that I cannot show you the photos. Something went wrong, and I failed by trying to add photos, so there are no photos support my topic.

Food Studies 9 – French Toast

In Food Studies 9, one of our project is to make Fresh toast, design the shape we want, and take photos of it.

Here is the final photo that I made, I am very proud of this French toast project because it needs a lot of steps, design, cook, teamwork, take photos, edit. I try to make looks good and tastes good, and it does.

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