Ava’s Blog🧸!!!

Hey! Welcome to Ava’s official blog. I’m from China, and I’m a Grade 9 student who interested in motorcycle, skateboard, guitar, cook, also I enjoyed playing PUBG, and stimulus project in amusement park, like rollercoaster. I will share my school day here, and you can get to know me better through my blog.

The biggest mistake in life is the unceasingly worried about making mistakes.” is my favourite quote. I like it a lot because it reminds me we are human, and human make mistake, don’t let fear of doing something wrong keep you from trying.

This is my favourite YouTube clip. It is a video about Welles Crowther saves at least 10 people in the World Trade Center during the attacks on 9/11 at the cost of his own life.

The first time I saw this video was in my social class, teacher showed us this hero’s amazing act. This video inspires me to help as many people as I can like Welles.

My favourite picture is my parrot, he is in China with my parents, and I miss him a lot.

Charles Best’s website is my favourite website because I can see my schedule clearly, it helps me to remember what was going to happen.

Dr. Charles Best Secondary School