Break the fake part 2: Omicron subvariant BA.2 in BC

  1. this article claims that there is a new sub variant of Omicron in BC.

2. I don’t know who the Vancouver Suns are so I will do a search on them.

3. I will use to find if they have any information on the topic.

4. I couldn’t find any information on the new sub variant so I will see if there are any link on the article.

5. I will go to the video and see if its from a reliable source.

6. It’s from a reliable user (they have the blue check mark) so I know its reliable. Finally I will check to see if there are any other news articles on this topic

7. It’s from CTV news which is a very reliable news station so I know I can trust them.

Even though didn’t have any information on BA.2 there are many reliable news articles about it so i will have to say that this topic is TRUE.

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