Break the Fake: Video clip of bear chasing skier down slopes in Romania

I found a video of a bear chasing a skier down the ski slopes in Romania. I am going to verify if it’s true or not.

  1. This is what I found on the ABC 7 Chicago news page.  I’m going to check and see if this is a real video.


           2. I went to the abc 7 Chicago account on Twitter and it does have a  blue checkmark meaning it is a verified account.




3. I did a wikipedia search on the abc7chicago news website and it has information from many sources on it, so I knew I could trust the source.




4. I also used to see if the video is real. It turned out to be true.




5. I double checked other reliable sources about the video.  Also, other websites posted about this news around the same time, so I knew it was recent. In conclusion, the video is real.