Q3 proud assignment

In Q3, I had English and Social Studies. In English, I read many short stories, and the class had an assignment to teach the class with a test related to the story, rapid fire questions, a play, and a game.  My group chose the story “Uneasy Homecoming” about a woman who comes home from vacation and realizes her house is being robbed. Our assignment was on the theme of fear.  My group chose a scavenger hunt for the game and acted out a play related to the theme of fear. For the rapid fire questions, we asked questions about the short story and we asked questions about theme, conflict, and climax.

I am proud of this assignment because my group and I got 81/80 on it since we acted out the play.

This is the reading quiz that my group made:

Reading quiz

  1. When did Connie get home?               A) After lunch B) Before lunch C)Sunset  D) Sunrise  E) breakfast
  2. Who’s house had been ransacked?    A) Blairs’ B) Hamiltons’ C) Smithson’s D) Tourneys’  E) Saddlers’
  3. Charlie is Mrs. Winston’s ______? A) Brother B) Son C) Nephew D) Husband  E) Uncle
  4. What had “scorched” the rug in Connie and Tom’s room?       A) Cigarettes B) Candle C) Curling iron D) Heater  E) Lam
  5. What did Connie use to signal the people across the bay?     A) Gunshots B) Lights C) Loud Speaker  D) Fire  E) construction equipment
  6. When would Tom get home?             A) Noon B) Midnight C) Tomorrow  D) Dawn  E) Dusk
  7. What was hidden in the garage?       A) Car B) Truck  C) ATV  D)Bike  E) Motorcycle
  8. Who did Connie call?                           A) Mrs. Wattson B) Ms. Waters C) Mrs. Winston D) Ms. Walter  E) Mrs. Werr

9.What room had a broken window?

A) Living Room B) Pantry  C) kitchen  D) Bedroom  E) Entrance

10.  What was the first thing Connie did after she arrived home?     A) Turn on the refrigerator B) Open all the windows C) Bring her luggage upstairs  D) Use the bathroom  E) Run a bath




I really enjoyed Mr. Ipe’s English class, and Mr. Mackay’s Social Studies class.

Break the Fake: Video clip of bear chasing skier down slopes in Romania

I found a video of a bear chasing a skier down the ski slopes in Romania. I am going to verify if it’s true or not.

  1. This is what I found on the ABC 7 Chicago news page.  I’m going to check and see if this is a real video.


           2. I went to the abc 7 Chicago account on Twitter and it does have a  blue checkmark meaning it is a verified account.




3. I did a wikipedia search on the abc7chicago news website and it has information from many sources on it, so I knew I could trust the source.




4. I also used slopes.com to see if the video is real. It turned out to be true.




5. I double checked other reliable sources about the video.  Also, other websites posted about this news around the same time, so I knew it was recent. In conclusion, the video is real.


One of my passions is skiing. My first experience with skiing was watching Paralympic alpine skiing in Whistler during the 2010 Olympic games. I was 4 at the time and that was the first time I had seen skiing. Three years later, my family started skiing together at Mount Seymour.   The reason I love skiing is because it is so much fun to ski with my whole family and go on some of our favorite trails and try out new trails.  I also enjoy racing my siblings down the slopes.  When we go to Seymour, we like to go on Lodge and Mystery. One of my favourite runs is Pete’s run, and I like it because it is in the middle of the forest and it has bumpy areas through the trees.

Here are some interesting facts about skiing:

  • The word ski comes from the old Norse word ‘skíð’ meaning a split piece of wood.
  • In the 16th century war between Denmark and Sweden, canvas was stretched between skis to help transport the injured, therefore the term “stretcher”.
  • Alpine skiing became an Olympic sport in 1936, however skiing became more popular as an activity after WW2 when moving to the Alps improved.

Guitar and Food Studies

One thing that I am proud of from last quarter is that I learned guitar. I am proud of this because I had never played guitar before.  I learned a pentatonic, minor, and major scale.  I also learned songs including Three Little Birds, Island in the Sun, Monster Mash, Sweet Home Alabama, and We Will Rock You.

In Food Studies, I cooked and baked many new delicious recipes. I cooked thing such as muffins, key lime pie, pizza, frittata, pancakes, scones, cookies, and cake.  Here is a recipe for easy homemade pancake mix:

Ingredients:                                            Toppings (optional):  Maple syrup, fruit, whipped cream

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