Q3 proud assignment

In Q3, I had English and Social Studies. In English, I read many short stories, and the class had an assignment to teach the class with a test related to the story, rapid fire questions, a play, and a game.  My group chose the story “Uneasy Homecoming” about a woman who comes home from vacation and realizes her house is being robbed. Our assignment was on the theme of fear.  My group chose a scavenger hunt for the game and acted out a play related to the theme of fear. For the rapid fire questions, we asked questions about the short story and we asked questions about theme, conflict, and climax.

I am proud of this assignment because my group and I got 81/80 on it since we acted out the play.

This is the reading quiz that my group made:

Reading quiz

  1. When did Connie get home?               A) After lunch B) Before lunch C)Sunset  D) Sunrise  E) breakfast
  2. Who’s house had been ransacked?    A) Blairs’ B) Hamiltons’ C) Smithson’s D) Tourneys’  E) Saddlers’
  3. Charlie is Mrs. Winston’s ______? A) Brother B) Son C) Nephew D) Husband  E) Uncle
  4. What had “scorched” the rug in Connie and Tom’s room?       A) Cigarettes B) Candle C) Curling iron D) Heater  E) Lam
  5. What did Connie use to signal the people across the bay?     A) Gunshots B) Lights C) Loud Speaker  D) Fire  E) construction equipment
  6. When would Tom get home?             A) Noon B) Midnight C) Tomorrow  D) Dawn  E) Dusk
  7. What was hidden in the garage?       A) Car B) Truck  C) ATV  D)Bike  E) Motorcycle
  8. Who did Connie call?                           A) Mrs. Wattson B) Ms. Waters C) Mrs. Winston D) Ms. Walter  E) Mrs. Werr

9.What room had a broken window?

A) Living Room B) Pantry  C) kitchen  D) Bedroom  E) Entrance

10.  What was the first thing Connie did after she arrived home?     A) Turn on the refrigerator B) Open all the windows C) Bring her luggage upstairs  D) Use the bathroom  E) Run a bath




I really enjoyed Mr. Ipe’s English class, and Mr. Mackay’s Social Studies class.

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