Guitar and Food Studies

One thing that I am proud of from last quarter is that I learned guitar. I am proud of this because I had never played guitar before.  I learned a pentatonic, minor, and major scale.  I also learned songs including Three Little Birds, Island in the Sun, Monster Mash, Sweet Home Alabama, and We Will Rock You.

In Food Studies, I cooked and baked many new delicious recipes. I cooked thing such as muffins, key lime pie, pizza, frittata, pancakes, scones, cookies, and cake.  Here is a recipe for easy homemade pancake mix:

Ingredients:                                            Toppings (optional):  Maple syrup, fruit, whipped cream

One thought on “Guitar and Food Studies

  1. What would be cool if you posted one of your “test” that you do for the teacher, or a recording of your playing something that you have practiced a lot. Perhaps a before (day 1) vs now comparison could be really cool too. How about a picture of a guitar….

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