Socials Final

During quarter 2 I was very proud of the work I did. I finished by doing a social studies (science humaine 9), final essay to end our unit about the English revolution. Learning about the many generations of kings including the Stuarts was very interesting which made it easier to write about. This was assigned at home which helped me develop my ideas and give me the best chance for success. Using all my understanding from the unit, I wrote a 1200 word, 4 paragraph essay. I felt very good about my details and wording and ended up doing really well!



Math 9 – scale

During my math 9 quarter 1, we had a floorplan project that I Had to put to scale.

I don’t have a photo available but I was proud of my work. It was well organized and all of my scale measurements were correct and well fitted. I took the time to make sure all of the lines connected properly and figured out my own layout.