Welcome to Jack’s blog!

Hi! Welcome to my about me page. My name is Jack and I’m a grade 9 student and athlete who enjoys music. I am looking forward to high school and to share my tips and experience through edublog. I will look to post about time management, social situations and more!


My favourite quote is; “it could be one day or day one, your choice”. This quote is saying that you can look at today as just another day or you can look at today as the start of something great. I chose this quote because it applies to almost everything in life that is subject of procrastination such as, a healthy diet, a workout plan, homework, making new friends or even something as simple as going for walks.


Image result for empty ice rink  This is one of my favourite pictures because I love hockey and this picture clears my thoughts and all I hear are the echo sounds of skates and a stick. This picture helps calm me down.


My favourite websites are any clothing stores. I online shop a lot to pass time for shoes and clothes. 


My Birthday is may 26th, here are some events in history on that day,

-1961: a U.S. Air Force bomber flies across the Atlantic in a record of just over three hours.

-1969: Apollo 10 returns to earth

-1977: the movie Star Wars debuts