Proud assignment #2 – YPI

During semester 1 of grade 10, I took Career Life Education 10. This course introduced me to a lot of new mindsets, ideas and viewpoints on numerous topics surrounding future plans as a student and other parts of life. One of these projects was a YPI presentation. This required students to form pairs or groups and find a local charity. From there you would research the charity and its topic, and present an informative powerpoint to the rest of the class about the charity.

In a group of two, my partner and I chose the charity Covenant House BC. Covenant House is a charity that helps the homeless in the metro van area. There is more information and specifics about them in the powerpoint linked below.

We were given approximately 2 weeks of class time to research, form a presentation and practice before presenting to our class mates. My partner did an extensive amount of research about not only the charity, but the domain they work in. Doing this project I found myself learning just as much as I was presenting and found it very interesting. We had a very sufficient amount of research which helped educate the class, along with a good amount of practice and a well divided script. These factors all came together and we ended up having a very good presentation. Although we did not ‘win’ for our class, I was very proud of our work and how much we learned.


Powerpoint link: https: //

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