Hybrid/electric cars

Hybrid cars are powered by motors, an electric motor and a gasoline one. The electric motor is powered by batteries that are used when the car is going at slow speeds or to get the car moving. A hybrid electric vehicle cannot be plugged in to charge the battery. The electric cars are powered when the car is going over 30km/h and is running on the gas motor, the electric motor is also being charged when the car is braking. it uses the momentum to charge the battery, this is called regenerative breaking. The combustion engine of a hybrid vehicle works exactly as it would in a gas vehicle. Fuel is injected through the combustion chamber into the engine, where it is combined with air. Finally, the air/fuel mixture is ignited by the spark plug, creating power for the vehicle. As speed increases the vehicle automatically switches to a gas engine when going at high speeds. The advantage of having hybrid cars is that they are fuel-efficient and that they are environmentally friendly. The disadvantage of having hybrid cars is that they are more expensive have higher maintenance costs and are less stronger.  They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. Electric cars accelerate faster than vehicles with traditional fuel engines so they feel lighter to drive. Electric cars can be charged and work only on electricity.

How Do Electric Cars Work? | Electric Engines Explained | EDFAlternative Fuels Data Center: How Do Hybrid Electric Cars Work?


Toothpaste Squeezer

This is a toothpaste squeezer and is used to squeeze out every last drop of toothpaste. Because whenever you use your toothpaste and it starts to run out and you can’t squeeze out anymore but you see that you have still left inside and you just throw it away. You can use this toothpaste squeezer to squeeze every last drop of toothpaste and not waste any by throwing it away. I used tinkercad to make this project and I learned how to use the program.  By making this project I realized that technology can help the world and make life easier for you when you make cool stuff like this to help you.

Math 9

This is the math project I did in math 9 which was my favorite because we had to make our word problems and equations. We were supposed to make a PowerPoint with each slide including the word problem and equation we came up with to match the word problem, and then make another slide and tell a common mistake that might happen when solving the equation I made. The reason I’m proud of it is that I got a B for it, I know a B is not the best mark but I worked very hard on that assignment and it took me a long time to do it. At first, I thought I would get something like a C or C+ in the best scenario because I had trouble coming up with word problems especially with the ones with brackets and two variables. But I came up with it and got a B which was a surprise because I was expecting a C or something, so that’s why I think that is the assignment that I’m proud of because I worked hard on it and got a better mark than expected.

Math Problem Project


I found this video of a hockey fight on Twitter, I’m gonna see if it’s true.

I went to the source “Short Handed: A Boston bruins Podcast”  but the account didn’t have a blue check mark

I searched up Boston bruins and found out that they are a real hockey team.

I also found that in that fight were Trent Fredrick vs Tom Wilson.

So i wanted to double check and i found a video on SPORTSNET which is a verified source  on YouTube and I found this video


This video is about Tom Wilson and Trent Fredrick having a fight on the hockey game, the fight started because Boston bruins were winning by 3-0 and Wilson and Fredrick started fighting. I think that this is all true because i verified my source and i saw the video on SPORTSNET which is verified.

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