Math 9

This is the math project I did in math 9 which was my favorite because we had to make our word problems and equations. We were supposed to make a PowerPoint with each slide including the word problem and equation we came up with to match the word problem, and then make another slide and tell a common mistake that might happen when solving the equation I made. The reason I’m proud of it is that I got a B for it, I know a B is not the best mark but I worked very hard on that assignment and it took me a long time to do it. At first, I thought I would get something like a C or C+ in the best scenario because I had trouble coming up with word problems especially with the ones with brackets and two variables. But I came up with it and got a B which was a surprise because I was expecting a C or something, so that’s why I think that is the assignment that I’m proud of because I worked hard on it and got a better mark than expected.

Math Problem Project

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