Guidelines For Commenting On My Blog

Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Here you will see some rules about giving feedback and leaving comments!

  • No Spamming
    Annoying and time consuming useless messages are not permitted. Only comment positive information that will be useful.
  • No links to different websites.

This blog is not forĀ  showing other websites and sending links. This blog is about me and my learning and me sharing tips.

  • No Swearing

Swearing will not be permitted on this blog. Here we only talkĀ  in a positive language to reduce negativity!

  • Do not share any personal info!

Do not share your personal info or your friends information, respect everyone’s privacy and treat everyone the way you want to be treated.


Example: My blog tips about sports

Thank you for sharing these tips, Your tips about basketball were very helpful. You do an amazing job at sharing tips and a great work at explaining things. Can you please share some more tips about other sports?