Writing a Post (TOKTWD) Dada Z

Writing a Post (TOKTWD) – Car Dealership


On November 2nd, 2022, I went to my father’s car dealership. It was amazing, when I went there, his co-workers were questioning him because he didn’t ask them if I was able to come, but they were all welcoming and kind folks. They also said I shared my name with my father a lot, which was weird. And annoying.

What sounds would you hear in this workplace? 

A truck, such as an 18-wheeler, is loud and there are a lot of bumping sounds.  


What would you smell on a day in this workplace?  

Freshly new, baked, tires. Gasoline and hand sanitizer.  

What would you see throughout the day in this workplace?  

Going from place to place, ie… going back and forth between different brands of cars. You would also see rows of cars. Different places, such as sketchy alleyways, a bright and shiny outside. 


How would you feel through most of the day at this workplace?  

Happy and excited with the opportunity of going to new places. I felt happy because it was fun driving in the big truck and seeing how small all the other cars seemed at the time.  I also felt proud at the fact that my dad worked here.  


What you would use there: 

  • A tire lifter 
  • Scanning gun 
  • Scanning phone 
  • Flatbed truck lifter 

What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work?  

The fact that there’s a lot of grass on the property, also if it was a nice sunny day, it would also motivate me to go to work. 


What about the environment would discourage you from waking up every day to attend work?  

How there’s a lot of buildings and how tight the spaces are when you’re driving. As well as the number of stop lights that are present driving up to the location. Basically, the fact that it is also near industrial sections of the lower mainland, so a lot of the architecture resembles that. 


What other work environments appeal to you: what will you try next? 

In the future, I would like a work environment that has me working both inside and outside.