Break the Fake

These are a series of TikTok videos. In the first video a guy saw a giant on a mountain near Whistler with his friends. He made a video for TikTok of the so-called giant. In the video I can hear him saying “It’s a person!” and his friend doesn’t believe him. They were driving down the road. The shaky video shows a big mountain with a figure on the top of the mountain. The figure looked like it could be moving but he was shaking his phone too much while recording.  

In another video he went to go research on the giant by going closer and filming better. Until a CIA agent stopped him telling him the area was a “Hazard” zone but after he left, he told his fans on TikTok that the area was for the public. The next day he went again and saw two or three helicopters in the sky searching for something. 

The first step was finding the original source of the TikTok videos. Here are the original posts Andrew Dawson (@andykapt) | TikTok

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