Information Fluency

I enjoy crocheting because crocheting is a really calming and peaceful thing when you’re bored. Crocheting is also used as fashion, like sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and other sorts of items. Even you can crochet many board games, I know board games! You can crochet so many things, whatever your heart contents. Crocheting also strengthens your brain because you’re mesmerized about all the twists, the knots, the turns and everything in between. Even if your upset or feeling sad, you can start crocheting to calm down. Now we’re going to be talking about knitting. Knitting is less exciting because the only thing that you can make with knitting is scarves, sweaters, and other stuff but with crochet you get to make so many projects. Now we’re talking about problem solving with crochet. Even with crocheting if you mess up on a stitch you can just pull the yarn and the stitch would just magically disappear and you can just keep going you can keep unraveling and keep going over and over and over. The thing that i’ve made so far with crocheting is ornaments and right now i’m making a cardigan sweater, and voodoo dolls too! Thats why you should start crocheting! 

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