Communicating guidelines

My first guideline is think before you post it because remember anyone can see it anytime anywhere and it can be used against you in the future so always think before

My second guideline is be polite and don’t be mean as it will ether affect your or them. It can lead to a lot of people looking at you different.

My third guideline is says something meaningful that will help grow the conversation and enlighten people moods.

My fourth and final guideline is to think everyone can read what you send to people online This means if you say something bad assume that everyone know it now and you’re a bad guy. So say something positive so everybody knows your a good guy

A appropriate comment I would like to see on my blog is something positive like awesome thoughts or I also agree or I wonder. So it will keep the positive conversation going and everyone has a good time. A example is Canucks are doing so bad and they need to rebuild. I would like to see people responding and  like adding points such as yes they need to and they need to trade players. This shows people responding  with no negative affect and continues a conversation.