Final assignment reflections

My topic was the top drinks in Canada and America. My goal with this topic was to find out this information because I was really curious and I’ve always wondered what was the answer. I used this website called Statista it was a very good website and had lots of information for my graphs. I created my infographic poster of canva.  Canva was a very good website to create poster and slideshows its like PowerPoint. They are both easy to use and what I like about canva is they have templates you can get inspiration from. The process using this sites were very fun and interesting to do. Statista was a easy website to use but I had to scroll to find the best information. Canva was by far the best website I used because I could import picture easy and quickly. These websites helped me understand that technology can help the world. I’ve seen videos on this AI that can just hear someone voice and just made audio messages out of it. It was very scary but using these websites helped me realize that technology can be used for good and the future could be good.

Problems in nike factories

Nike factories in Vietnam

During my research I found two links to an interesting article about the poor work conditions in Vietnam.  On international women’s  day 56 women showed up with the wrong footwear. They got punished had to work in the hot sun and several of them fainted. Also a dozen of them collapsed while working. A man named Thuyen Nguyen investigated the factory and found out the workers had been abused sexually and verbally. Which is not okay in a work environment. Many of them were hungry and had poor living conditions with low pay. Also there is a nike boot camp  were they also had low pay and bad living conditions. They were mostly young women about 90% of them were. There ages were between 15-28 which is very sad. They have kids my age working and starving. They were barely living and lower wages than I’ve ever seen. The wages was way below minimum wage and they made millions maybe even billions from this. If they are making that much they should be able to at least pay there worker’s minimum wage. They could barely afford food. Nike responded by hiring a former United Nations worker and he had lots of work to do. He hired to oversee the working conditions . In conclusion nike labor problems is still a big problem and these articles just brought light to the problem.

Break the fake pt2

in my edu blog today I will be fact checking this article and seeing if it’s true or false

this was about greta thunberg the climate activist getting detained in Germany during a protest on a open coal mine

I was looking at articles and I saw that apparently Greta thunberg was detained and I did not think it was real so I decided to fact check it


first I decided to fact check the source and I search it up it is a news company and it is a very popular used one


second I used and I searched it up and looked at the information to see if it was real or not

I feel this article was true and it happened but it could be staged. I do not think it is staged and she was protesting a open coal mine and they called the cops so they can do there jobs.

Take your kid to workday

Take your kid to work day 2022

I went to my dad office this is what it looks like

It’s smelled like coffee because the two people there were both drinking coffee. I heard keyboards typing and the mouse clicking . I saw my and his co worker and lots of desk and chairs. I feel comfy because I am sitting on a nice office chair

another work environment that interest me is maybe a worker at a arena and see what they do when games are not playing. I will try my mom works next

Communicating guidelines

My first guideline is think before you post it because remember anyone can see it anytime anywhere and it can be used against you in the future so always think before

My second guideline is be polite and don’t be mean as it will ether affect your or them. It can lead to a lot of people looking at you different.

My third guideline is says something meaningful that will help grow the conversation and enlighten people moods.

My fourth and final guideline is to think everyone can read what you send to people online This means if you say something bad assume that everyone know it now and you’re a bad guy. So say something positive so everybody knows your a good guy

A appropriate comment I would like to see on my blog is something positive like awesome thoughts or I also agree or I wonder. So it will keep the positive conversation going and everyone has a good time. A example is Canucks are doing so bad and they need to rebuild. I would like to see people responding and  like adding points such as yes they need to and they need to trade players. This shows people responding  with no negative affect and continues a conversation.