Creative thinking

I feel I fall into profile 4 of creative thinking as in my classes I always try to add something or be different to make mine better. I always think out side the box I feel. I can understand new topics fast and explain it in other ways to others to help them understand their way. In my Photography class I get a subject and I have to represent it using a photo. I have creatively think and look around my school to find a perfect spot. I always try other ways whenever I need to and I will always find a way to help improve my skills. When I am in a calm place I can think of new ideas easily. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been told I was really creative so I have always used that to give myself a advantage in school and in sports.


My second is communication as I feel I have always been talkative my whole life and can talk in front of groups with no hesitation. I always listen and like to form conversations out of ideas just to start helping others. I am able to communicate with my peers and teacher effectively and I always try to listen to my teacher so I can succeed. I always go up and ask questions to help myself better understand or make sure I am on the right track with my work. I feel communication is one of the most important and this will help you your whole entire life. It will help you succeed anytime and help you gain connections and new friends.

Critical thinking

I have always struggled with math my whole life and I have always tried to help myself learn it in a different way so I can understand it. What I mean is that last week I was struggling on my homework and didn’t get what to do. I asked my teacher and she explained it but I still didn’t really get it. I had to try to take that explanation and use it to think about in another way so I asked my friend to explain as he  was doing well. He told a different way to think about it. I then took both of them and looked at the different points they said and worked with it through out the homework and was able to do the work. I have think about different ways than just other ways. Usually In math there is always sayings or shortcuts to help you get to the answer easier like cross multiplying with fraction so you do not have to simplify the fraction. It always help you in different units to as in math i feel we used the foundation of every grade to make it easier for us.






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