Break The Fake – Golden State Warriors skipping Their Chance To Go To The White House

This arcticle claimed that the Golden State Warriors rejected their invite to the white house. so I wanted to fact check if its real.

First I  checked my source which was the NBA. I sear hed up NBA on Wikipedia and it showed up.

Next I used a Fact checking tool. I chose to use When I searched it up the result I got said it was false.


I went to google to check my sources and I found a few articles, when i switched it to the news tab only 1 article appeared.

I would say this article is unreliable.


My Science Project

My favorite project I did was the Mitosis stop animation project. I did this project for science, I enjoyed this project because I enjoy doing animation  as a hobby and I had a lot of fun making it. I think the animation looks pretty good but, it was very difficult to draw the animation on my phone.


I chose my topic about basketball,

The first website I read about was about Lebron James and the second one was about Stephen Curry.

I read about Lebron James first, the story told me that he made an insane dunk which I’m guessing won the Cavaliers game. This dunk made the crowd and his team go wild. It also told me that he is 33 but likes to play basketball like he’s 25 years old, which explains why he went for an insane dunk. I do wish the article told me what the end score was and if they won the game.

The next article I read was about Stephen Curry. It talked about how he was ignored and always made fun of when he grew up. Everyone bypassed him, for an example schools and everyone didn’t believe in him just because he was shorter than the other players. He then said all those comments and hate messages were all ”Distractions.”

I chose basketball as my topic because basketball is my favorite sport, I chose an article because it had Lebron because I won’t to try to dunk one day. The reason I picked Stephen Curry was because I’m short and people are often surprised I play basketball. I picked it because Stephen Curry’s story is like mine. I’m not that good at basketball nether will I try to be an NBA star. I’m really trying to say is you can do anything no matter what just like Stephen Curry did!

Visual Arts 9 – Pop Art

In Visual Arts 9 we had to make a giant piece of art on a piece  of paper. We also had to use 3 mediums, I used conte, paint and markers.

Here is what I drew, I am really proud of it because I made it space themed and drew conte around some painted stars to make it glow. I also was proud of the spaceship I drew because I had a lot of fun drawing it and I am proud of the outcome of the spaceship.


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