About Me


Hi my name is Timothy I’m 14 years old and I’m in grade 9. I used to go to Hillcrest Middle school last year. I live with my brother, mom, dad and my dog Jasper. I enjoy hanging out with my friend and I enjoy drawing as a hobby.


My favorite quote is from Star Wars ” Do or do not there is no try.” I chose this quote because its true and it helps me when I’m not sure I can do a certain task.


My favorite video  is Orange Shirt Day 2020 because it reminds me to include everyone and to treat everyone the same way.


I chose this photo because I play basketball as a sport out of school for Tri – City

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I like to us office 365 because its easy use and you can find multiple apps in it. For an example Word, Power Point, Outlook and Teams. It also saves my work online just in case which always help me when I forget.