Baking and cooking

today I am going to be talking about why I enjoy baking and about other people’s experience of cooking and why they enjoy it personally I love cooking because I find it so calming and fun.  yesterday we ate pizza. it is my favourite food here is the ingreadaints flour, egg, mushroom, black olives, cheese, tomato sauce. then we put it in the oven for 30 minutes another thing that I find fun and delicious to make is the cake I like the chocolate cake we make 2 of them at a time because we really like them we buy the mix pack and we just add egg and milk and mix . When were done we wash all our dishes either by hand or by a dishwasher and then we wipe our table and kitchen counters and we then we clean our stove top and lastly sweep and mop.  here are other peoples experiance one person started there passion when quarantine times began she started making cakes Genoise and joconde and Victoria sponges, choux pastry, rough puff pastry, short crust pastry, churros and apple fritters, pies , , chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes, pound cakes, Bundt cakes, almond cakes. while she was watching the The Great British baking show another person is a chef at making pizza he thinks pizza is the ultimate fast food he spent lots of time to master making it the right crip and temp at home and he shared his recipe with other people . do you like baking or cooking?


semester 1 proud of assignment

ceramic 9

These are the bowls that I made in ceramic class9. I did this in the begging of the course I loved how it looked and this was the first project that I worked really hard on and put lots of effort into it . I spent lots of time and my mom loved it and displayed it in the I am really proud of it


Entertainment squid game O yenog-su becomes first Korean to win a golden global


squid game O yenog-su won  a golden global

O yenog -su becomes the first Korean to win a golden global

he is an actor from squid game that is the most popular show on Netflix he was player 001 and he is a 77-year-old man

  • I first searched the article name with fake or hoax ? I didn’t get a clear answer for this question but I did already now that this show is really popular  
  • Then I searched this on google and I got many different articles and I pressed on may and opened trusted websites like cbc news and it was there so if it was fake I would not have gotten answers on things that don’t exist.  

It was stated true and it is. 

Here is proof