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Welcome to the official Blog of nasma. I’m a student , love pets, and have a shopping addiction . In this blog , I will share some tips on high school life; how to be productive in your time . and how to have fun with your family and friends day to life . and to take care of your self by doing self-care. if you want to have fun, be productive  , and take care of yourself, I think you will find my tips quite useful.


my favorite quote is “be urself” this is an important quote because in this time everybody is comparing their lives and changing themself for people.  you don’t need to change urself if they can’t accept the way you are then  they don’t deserve you .dont change your self be who you are

my favorite youtube video clip. is when Faz rug did a video that was recreating squid game. when they lost he was so nice and let his subscribers be his contestants and that he gave the winner 10,000$

my favorite picture is
my favorite website is YouTube

my favorite website is youtube.  I like youtube because there is a lot of helpful/entertaining videos to watch.