Entertainment squid game O yenog-su becomes first Korean to win a golden global


squid game O yenog-su won  a golden global

O yenog -su becomes the first Korean to win a golden global

he is an actor from squid game that is the most popular show on Netflix he was player 001 and he is a 77-year-old man

  • I first searched the article name with fake or hoax ? I didn’t get a clear answer for this question but I did already now that this show is really popular  
  • Then I searched this on google and I got many different articles and I pressed on may and opened trusted websites like cbc news and it was there so if it was fake I would not have gotten answers on things that don’t exist.  

It was stated true and it is. 

Here is proof  


ceramics 9- pumpkin

I really enjoyed making this pumpkin it was hard and challenging but loved the finish results I gave it to a friend so I don’t have it or a photo of it but loved seeing the progress every day I will upload a picture of it when it was in progress really proud.

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