My dad works in the Marketing department for a fertilizer brand Its office is small but the work environment is great with a ping-pong table a bar and a lot of games with scooters to get around to all of the other offices and retail locations I did some talking with the owner for some research and the company has an 87% grasp on the hydroponic industry and 29% commercial profit Its GPN margin is roughly 50/50 by the Net margins annually and its a rather nice environment with the workers being really nice to me and even playing videogames with me when I was bored



What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 2nd?

I heard a lot of chatter, typing, and printing I saw people moving around on scooters and drinking a lot of coffee I smelt the sushi that they bought for me and the slight tinge of paper in the air I felt my keyboard and the grainy wood of my chopsticks. I would be motivated to come to work every day because of the great work environment and being allowed to take a break whenever I wanted and be able to play games too. What would discourage me from waking up every day to attend work here, I feel like it would be the far distance of the office having to drive for 30 mins to get to work