Core Comp

I am a person who enjoys quality time more than most with physical touch being the sector I lack, and I learned that I enjoyed receiving gifts acts of service and words of affirmation equally. I’ve adapted to what I’ve been told by spending more time with my friends so I can really benefit myself with the new information I learned from the website. Communication has been a major key in my current term with being in Business Com 11 and CLE 10 requiring a vast amount of idea-sharing and communication being the main role in order to succeed in the class. The Maslow pyramid shows itself many times when I’m about to do a task if I’m hungry or tired or thirsty I get food water and sleep before I perform that task I always feel safe around my friends and at home as there is a close connection with my people. self-esteem I’ve been trying to work on with my workload putting a toll on it and an example would be this project with me requiring to take constant breaks to tell myself to continue. My primary love language is quality time and I heavily value it with my friends being very close to me.




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