Core Comp

I am a person who enjoys quality time more than most with physical touch being the sector I lack, and I learned that I enjoyed receiving gifts acts of service and words of affirmation equally. I’ve adapted to what I’ve been told by spending more time with my friends so I can really benefit myself with the new information I learned from the website. Communication has been a major key in my current term with being in Business Com 11 and CLE 10 requiring a vast amount of idea-sharing and communication being the main role in order to succeed in the class. The Maslow pyramid shows itself many times when I’m about to do a task if I’m hungry or tired or thirsty I get food water and sleep before I perform that task I always feel safe around my friends and at home as there is a close connection with my people. self-esteem I’ve been trying to work on with my workload putting a toll on it and an example would be this project with me requiring to take constant breaks to tell myself to continue. My primary love language is quality time and I heavily value it with my friends being very close to me.




Break the fake

Today I saw heard in Mr. Alvero’s block 5 class that China was operating 5 police stations in Vancouver so when I got back home to decided to do some research because I questioned who the mysterious “Group” From this CBC story was and if they were just fake as a nameless group was a bit suspicious to me

CBC Article:

So I started with but I didn’t find

any articles to back up this claim

(Image is at the bottom)

So i searched it in google and it came to a different CBC article talking about investigating these chinese “Police” Stations

which didn’t Include the number of stations in vancouver but said that there where over 50 worldwide like the other one but proved that they existed which wasn’t exactly what i was looking for but right below it there was a little quip saying it was a human rights group The Safeguard Defenders which was proof for me that this was real and just in case this group was just words i searched for their name and i found their site looking very legitimate to me and them having done a lot of great things in the name of human rights I concluded my search with:

With all this information from all these sites and different organisations i can confidently say that this information is real






My dad works in the Marketing department for a fertilizer brand Its office is small but the work environment is great with a ping-pong table a bar and a lot of games with scooters to get around to all of the other offices and retail locations I did some talking with the owner for some research and the company has an 87% grasp on the hydroponic industry and 29% commercial profit Its GPN margin is roughly 50/50 by the Net margins annually and its a rather nice environment with the workers being really nice to me and even playing videogames with me when I was bored



What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 2nd?

I heard a lot of chatter, typing, and printing I saw people moving around on scooters and drinking a lot of coffee I smelt the sushi that they bought for me and the slight tinge of paper in the air I felt my keyboard and the grainy wood of my chopsticks. I would be motivated to come to work every day because of the great work environment and being allowed to take a break whenever I wanted and be able to play games too. What would discourage me from waking up every day to attend work here, I feel like it would be the far distance of the office having to drive for 30 mins to get to work