Guidelines for commenting on my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please be thoughtful and considerate when you are commenting on my work. I’m outlining some guidelines to help you with your comments.

  1. No spam.
  • It is annoying and not kind-spirited. Please do not spam.
  1. No foul language.
  • Don’t use foul language. It would be nice if you didn’t, so please don’t.
  1. No off-topic rants.
  • Stay on topic about the blog. Please do not talk about other stuff, because you can talk about that elsewhere.
  1. No links to another blog.
  • This is about my blog, not your blog. Talk about your blog in the comments of your blog and my blog here.

Sample: My blog post on cheese

“I agree with your opinions on cheese and I will try to use cheese in the way that you suggested. It looks very good and I am sure that I will enjoy eating it.”

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