This video can help change the world because it teaches chess. Knowing how to play chess may help with other skills as well, such as creativity and perseverance. These skills are some of the most important skills there are. They will definitely help with changing the world. Chess may also help with getting to know people. As one plays chess, they will start to learn things about their opponent. In general, from learning to play chess, one may learn many other skills as well.


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Break the fake – Federer and Nadal laugh at Djokovic

1. This is what I found on Twitter. I’m going to check if it is a real video.

2. I went to the source but it didn’t have the blue checkmark.

3. I couldn’t find it online.

4. I also looked on to see if it was real. The video was real but the captions were false.

5. I also tried to check other sources, but I couldn’t find any. In conclusion, the video is fake.