Welcome to Lucas’s blog

My name is Lucas and I’m a grade 9 student at this school. I enjoy reading and watching television. Read this blog and you will be happier than before you started reading it. If you read it, you will probably learn at least one thing.

My favourite quote:

There’s always a bigger fish!

– Qui-Gon Jinn

This quote is really important to me because it has lots of meaning and it is from a legendary movie. It is from Star Wars 1 and it means that there are always bigger problems than your own.


My favourite youtube clip:

This is my favourite youtube clip because it reminds me that cooperation is important.

My favourite picture:

My favourite picture is of spiderman because it is from my favourite game.

My Favorite Website:

My favourite website is Wikipedia. My favourite website is Wikipedia because I can find out almost anything I want.