Final DL Project: Writer’s Wage

During this project, I learned a lot about the wages of writers, the most popular genres, and the most well-known and well-paid authors of all time. My goal was to figure out which genres sold the best in stores.

I used various sites including Wikipedia and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the information I needed.

The process of locating and finding the information required aided me greatly in learning how to navigate the internet properly and without worry. I think with proper knowledge, the internet could change the way we find information permanently in the near future.

Information Fluency – Writing as a Passion

Writing is something that can be very hard for somebody to do. It requires a lot of reading alongside constant practice to become better, which many kids may not choose to do. But the pros of writing far outweigh the cons. Writing allows you to create your own universes, your own little characters with their own personalities. Did you not like Harry Potter when you read it? Make your own version of it, with characters you can actually connect and relate to. Nonetheless, writing is a technical and complicated skill that requires good grammar and a creative drive. I used the sites Explora and Gale Engage Learning to search. One interesting site I found mentioned the various ways that “Reading and Writing Interlock,” which I found exceptionally interesting. “Although there are elements specific to each,” writing and reading are exceptionally similar as they are skills that must be honed and oftentimes go hand in hand. Most of my skill in writing comes from my hobby in reading. The second site I found, centered around writing tips, offered skillful advice: your first book “isn’t necessarily the first novel you should publish.” That’s good advice. Either way, I hope this helps anybody else searching to become a writer similarly to me. 


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Goblin Mode: True or False?

I chose a very strange, very recent article about a ‘Word of the Year’ competition hosted by Oxford Languages.

According to them, the term was coined in 2009, but didn’t become popular until 2022. The other contenders were the expressions “metaverse” and “#IStandWith.”

The article I found was posted by, so the first thing I did was research if they were credible.

A short search on Wikipedia revealed that NPR has been accused of bias before. However, the site also says that it’s quite a studious website and many members say that it is quite legible and trustworthy.

Upon further research, it is revealed that, yes, Oxford Languages did host this poll- and the term “goblin mode” did win by a landslide. Many sites say this. I think that this article is true.