A photo of me, petting the Treehouse's service dog, Nessa.

(I can’t figure out how to right the rotation.)

For TOKTWD, I went with my mom to the Treehouse.

They are a organization placed around Canada that helps children realize if they’re being abused in certain relationships and aid the family or child in going to court and resolving their issues. The Treehouse specializes in contacts and works with the police department alongside other experienced legal experts, but their main goal is to aid children who are hurting.

Their staff is filled with kind, passionate people who truly care about and enjoy what they do! I talked with nearly all of them about their careers, and learned a lot of interesting things. It was so cool to learn about all of the things they do for a living and to ensure the safety of children.

I have to now answer two ordained questions.

The first question is about what I felt through my senses as I visited. Many of the main office rooms didn’t smell like much, as they run a very clean organization. The room designed for the children to chill in smells distinctly of Lysol, however, as the toys constantly need to be cleaned.
My second question is about what would encourage me to go to work each day. While their service dog, Nessa, is a defining factor, the main factor is their exceptionally friendly staff and the amazing work they do for abused children.

Thank you for reading!

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