Goblin Mode: True or False?

I chose a very strange, very recent article about a ‘Word of the Year’ competition hosted by Oxford Languages.

According to them, the term was coined in 2009, but didn’t become popular until 2022. The other contenders were the expressions¬†“metaverse” and “#IStandWith.”

The article I found was posted by npr.org, so the first thing I did was research if they were credible.

A short search on Wikipedia revealed that NPR has been accused of bias before. However, the site also says that it’s quite a studious website and many members say that it is quite legible and trustworthy.

Upon further research, it is revealed that, yes, Oxford Languages did host this poll- and the term “goblin mode” did win by a landslide. Many sites say this. I think that this article is true.

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