Canadian Military Spending

The topic of my project is Canadian Military Spending. My goal if it need to be increased or decreased, and how it would affect the military itself.

I used a multitude of sites such as the Canadian Governments official website, news outlets that did surveys,  and indepdent sites that did their own surveys. I learned just how neglected Canada’s military had been neglected in the past decades due to budget restrains and not enough interest in the military’s itself.

After utilizing the sites that I used to get my information for my project, I realized how useful technology is to how we all get our information and how we process our information. it made me realize how technology is a double edged sword as while on one end it can be used to better our understanding of certain subjects, or it could misinform people or even radicalize them.

Fall of the Byzantine Empire

The fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 marked a turning point in history, the last remnant of the great Western Roman Empire had fallen. While the Byzantine Empire had survived for over a 1000 years and had survived countless invasions, but by the 14th and 15th centaury it had become weakened by , defeats in wars, economic problems, and religious divisions.

During the 15th centaury, the Ottoman Empire, who had been gaining  power over the past centaury’s and had taken large amounts of territory, set their sights on the Byzantine Empire and its capital, Constantinople. The final siege of Constantinople began on April 6, 1453, with the Ottoman army led by Sultan Mehmed I. The Ottoman Army had over 100,000-130,000 troops along with numerous amount of artillery which would prove vital in the siege. The Byzantine defenders were severely outnumbered and despite their valiant resistance, the Ottomans breached the city’s wall which led to violent battle inside the city which saw the Byzantine citizens and defenders either being killed or taken as prisoners.

The last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI, fought alongside his troops in the battle but in the end he was killed. After the city fell, the Ottomans claimed victory, and the course of history was forever changed. The Ottoman Empire would  go on wage wars against European countries and effect the lives of the millions of citizens it ruler over. It also gave Islam the opportunity  to spread to eastern Europe. Today, countries like Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania have large Muslim populations because of this historical event. 


Break the Fake – China sends 30 warplanes into Taiwan air defense zone

  1.  I found this article on the internet, so I am going to investigate if it is true.

The article is talking about how China sent 27 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone after US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s  visit to the country, which triggered Taiwan’s air defense system. Taiwan also sent out a patrol of their own warplanes in  order to investigate threat further.












2.  I searched the  newspaper that made the story on Wikipedia to see if it was reliable.  I found out that the Hindustan Times are an Indian Newspaper that was founded in 1924. However, the newspaper was ranked among the lowest among India’s most trusted brands in 2013 and 2014. They were also allegations that the newspaper was colluding with the government. It is also known that the newspaper shows clear support for Russia in their invasion for Ukraine and their titles about the subject devalue Ukrainian forces while praising Russian forces. This showed that the source I had was unreliable.

4. I did a search on for my topic, however all that came up were past questions about Nanci Pelosi’s actions during COVID-19.

5.  I then decided to search the entire web to find if there were other sources on the topic. I found a multitude of other sources saying the exact same thing about the topic.

6.  After adding up al the research I can confirm that the article I picked is true and not false. There are many sources and articles to back up the original articles topic.

Take your kid to work day

   Take your kid to work day

   What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 2nd?

   When I arrived at my fathers work place, which was an office building owned built by Telus. I could not really anything expect light chatter at the entrance of the workplace, as I got to the main floors of the building the chatter eventually became minimal. I could many people in office cubicles working the tasks that they were assigned to, as well as other people going up and asking their collogues for help on their task or asking them were they should go out for break. I could feel the hard wood of the tables along with  the soft texture of the carpet was on almost every floor of the building.

What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work?

The colors all around the building were mostly bright and welcoming colors. The main color was green since that’s the color of the Telus logo. The people there also seemed kind and compassionate as well as offering to answer whatever questions or concerns you have. There are also lots of windows around the office to let in natural light which I always enjoy having. The best part of the bulid is probably the special section they have just for fun which was gaming consoles you can play with, nerf guns, and Lego to build with.