Break the Fake – China sends 30 warplanes into Taiwan air defense zone

  1.  I found this article on the internet, so I am going to investigate if it is true.

The article is talking about how China sent 27 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone after US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s  visit to the country, which triggered Taiwan’s air defense system. Taiwan also sent out a patrol of their own warplanes in  order to investigate threat further.












2.  I searched the  newspaper that made the story on Wikipedia to see if it was reliable.  I found out that the Hindustan Times are an Indian Newspaper that was founded in 1924. However, the newspaper was ranked among the lowest among India’s most trusted brands in 2013 and 2014. They were also allegations that the newspaper was colluding with the government. It is also known that the newspaper shows clear support for Russia in their invasion for Ukraine and their titles about the subject devalue Ukrainian forces while praising Russian forces. This showed that the source I had was unreliable.

4. I did a search on for my topic, however all that came up were past questions about Nanci Pelosi’s actions during COVID-19.

5.  I then decided to search the entire web to find if there were other sources on the topic. I found a multitude of other sources saying the exact same thing about the topic.

6.  After adding up al the research I can confirm that the article I picked is true and not false. There are many sources and articles to back up the original articles topic.

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