poachers (information fluency)

Poaching is a very big and unsolved problem all around the world. Poaching is the illegal killing and trade of mainly endangered animal body parts. This problem is very harmful to ecosystems and animal populations which is why there are many groups trying their hardest to stop it. I had known of this trade before reading the article, but I did not understand how dangerous it is. Poaching is a multibillion-dollar trade that includes very dangerous and powerful people. There has been around 1000 park rangers killed since 2006 because of their attempt of stopping the poachers. I wonder if poaching is illegal all around the world? I also wonder if a poacher got caught and accused of poaching and murder how long would they have in prison? I find it awful that this whole trade is driven by money with no regards to animal life or the planet. I think that it is very important to get the word about poaching out so that more people work to reduce it. I think unfortunately this trade will never be able to be fully stopped with the amount of money involved but I do think it could be slowed.




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