Welcome to Samantha’s Blog

Hi, welcome to Samantha’s blog. I am a student, athlete and a pretty chill person. On my blog I will be sharing a few thing about myself and how I am managing to get through my school year.


My favorite quote is ‘You are entitled to nothing, want it? earn it?’ I like this quote because it can relate to you in multiple ways, such as, my softball coach printed this quote out and gave it to my team to look over. In that situation to me that meant that if we want to be a great softball player we need to do the little things to improve and get better, to earn that title of being a great player, because yes it might come natural to you, but you weren’t born a great player. Also to me in general this quote means if u want to achieve your goal in something, you have to do things to get there, it wont just be handed to you.


Below is my favorite YouTube clip, from the ending of Fast and Furious 7. This is one of my favorite clips because Paul Walker was a great actor in the fast and furious and you could tell it was sad for everyone when he died. also there were some inspirational words said.


My favorite picture is this drawing of Kobe Bryant and Gigi. Kobe was a legend and his daughter was so young. They had such a tight bond and this picture shows that. It was sad to see them go.                                    See the source image



My favorite website is Ted Talk because teachers use it a lot and now I’ve just gotten used to it. Also there is pretty much a ted talk for everything, and they always have useful information.

Ted Talk