Rules For Commenting On My Blog

Thank you for visiting my blog. Below will be a few guidelines for commenting on my blog respectfully and usefully.


1-Be positive- No one will want to read your blog if you are making rude and demeaning comments on others.

  • think about what you are going to comment before you post it

2-Make you comment meaningful

  • Don’t comment for the sake of just doing it. Make helpful comments or ask meaning full questions because people might relate or have the same question

3- Be respectful- People will not always have the same beliefs as you, so it is best to realize that and be respectful of it.

  • Take into consideration other peoples thoughts or beliefs before criticizing them. Also if you have something to say about it say it respectfully.

4- Tell them what you enjoy about their reading

  • give positive and helpful feed back so it can help me with my further posts.

Sample: On my about me post

“Hey Samantha. I enjoyed reading your about me post and how you mentioned TedTalk. Could you go more into detail on your next post about how they display helpful information is it videos, paragraphs etc. ?”