Ocean pollution

  • What is the overall topic and the goal of your project?  

The overall topic and goal of my project was to learn more about ocean pollution, how it affects the earth, our ecosystem, the animals on our planet and how we can help resolve this huge problem on earth.   


  • What sites did you use to collect your data and create the infographic and what did you learn about it? 

I used many different sites to collect data for the infographic. I learned that ocean pollution is a noticeably big problem in the world and that we are not doing much to prevent it. Some of the things that we are doing are helping but it is still a big problem.  


  • How has the process of utilizing these sites impacted your understanding of how technology can change (or help) the world? 

It has taught me that there is so much that we can do to prevent this situation but when only half our population is doing it, it does not have an enormous impact.  

Fact Checking

For my Fact checking assignment i went to find an article about an asteroid having a collision on the moon. After reading the article i wanted to know if the article was actually true so i did some further research on this topic and couldn’t find any other articles about the same thing. i went to a website called Snopes.com to fact check what i had just read in the article. After reading what it said on Snopes.com the article that i had read about the asteroid collision with the moon was fake. It never happened. Although i found some other interesting facts about asteroids and the earth. NASA has been studying an asteroid that has a small potential chance of colliding with the earth.


For the Take Our Kid to Work Day, I went to my dad’s work. He works for a water treatment company that does water treatment for mine sites. Normally he works at his office in downtown Vancouver but for this day I went to his lab which is at the BCIT Burnaby campus. At his lab they have it split up, one room is a big room split into two where one half is office space and the other side is divided by a wall and is one of their two labs. The other room is a second lab.

They use the first lab, the one that is part of the larger room, to mix chemicals. I was able to help out one of their scientists and mix chemicals that they were testing in this lab. I used multiple beakers, test tubes, chemicals, water and a scale. Before I was able to step foot into the lab I had to put on a white lab coat, safety glasses and latex gloves. I needed to wear those because I was helping them mix chemicals. If you were just coming in to check on something or ask questions all you needed to wear was safety glasses.

Their other lab was where they would do the testing of the chemicals. I unfortunately was not able to help with the testing of chemicals but I was able to assist in bringing the mixtures that they were testing into that lab for them.

Overall it was a cool experience learning what they use to mix the various chemicals and learning what the different symbols on the containers mean. I now have a better understanding of what he does when he’s not at home and traveling around the world.

Guidelines for posting my blog

Hey, here are some examples of guidelines for my blog. And here are some examples.

No Hate Comments: 

I don’t want comments hating on what i have posted.

Comment what i could improve on:

I would like to know what I could have done better on my post so that i could improve on it the next time I post something here.

Don’t make things up

Don’t comment something that isn’t true.

Avoid using Profanity:

I dont want any comments that have profanity in them.



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