Take your kid to work day!

   For take your kid to work day I went to the Vancouver Police department. I went with my Dad and sister. I knew a few people there from my hockey team as well. First we got a presentation about what it is like to be a police officer from the chief. Then we got to look at the some of the police gear. There was body armor, guns, and night vision goggles. After that we got to eat lunch which was pizza and there were also lots of snacks. Right after lunch we got to shoot pistols. To end the day off we looked at replica guns and learned about different types of drugs and got to see some drugs in person.




  1. What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 1st? 

I heard loud bags from the guns. I saw police gear. It smelt like pizza because that’s what they served, I felt happy because it was fun. 

  1. What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work? 

Knowing that I could help people and that I am surrounded by good people.

  1. What about the work environment would discourage you from waking up every day to attend work? 

It is a very dangerous job and there is a risk of getting hurt or even dying. 

  1. What is ONE thing you found interesting about your workplace visit?

That we could shoot guns. 

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