Take our kids to work day

For TOKTWD, I went with my mom delivering orders for her small business. We went to the commercial kitchen that she rents in West Vancouver, and I observed how the workers made the delicacy. MY mom picked up the orders that were packed, and we went to all different stores delivering products. I watched as my mom was writing invoices, talking with shop owners, and more. We went from Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster to deliver all the food. In conclusion, I had a very fun and interesting day with my mom.

I heard papers being printed, people talking, and papers being signed. I smelt Potato dough, ink, and dust. I felt notices, door handles, and packages. 

Something about the environment that would motivate me to wake up every day for work would be the kind people I was surrounded by. 

Something about the work environment that would discourage me from waking up every day to attend work would be the repetitive workload. 

One thing I found interesting about my workplace visit would be all the other places I got to go to. 

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