Useless Tidbits About Me

Hullo there. The name’s Edgar. Some people have given me the name Egg, but I have never given them consent to give me that name. (One person also calls me Edgy.) However, I can roll with it. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t really want everyone to call me that, so if this is your first time hearing of my existence (in which case, I wonder who you are and what you’re doing here), then if we were to ever cross paths, I would prefer you call me by my actual name, or your banking credential numbers.

Anyway, how does it feel to know that you’ve just wasted valuable time from your life which you’ll never get back reading this sentence I wrote, that you are now already closer to your inevitable and eternal end of existence, and any and all memories of you will be forever plunged into oblivion? Does it feel good? Does it feel bad? Do you want more? Then read on!


A Quote Which Is Not My Favourite, but I Couldn’t Be Bothered to Look Harder

Oooh, look at me, I looked up a quote!

Randall Munroe

I chose this quote because I found it had the qualities, at least for me, of being humorous. The quote integrates verbal irony, more commonly known as sarcasm, which shows my feelings of contempt towards putting an effort into this Edublog, as I find it to be beneath my consideration. The quote exemplifies the aforementioned qualities of humour by mocking a serious quote one may look up for an assignment such as this, and replacing it with a clearly informal and unprofessional quote which carries little emotional weight, showing how this blog carries the same lack of emotional weight by my standards. Furthermore, the quote also makes a mockery of the common practice of those who look up quotes to try to make themselves look smarter by stealing something smart from somebody else, and in a case of situational irony, shows that I am in fact doing the same and making fun of myself more than anyone else. This form of humour is known as self-deprecation, sometimes a form of “cringe” comedy, an increasingly popular form of humour since the earlier 21st century, especially through the art form known as the “meme.” It capitalizes on the relatability of embarrassing situations for the common crowd and shows that their pain is not to be shared alone, allowing the audience to laugh together at their reciprocated misfortune, though deep down the problem has not gone away and it will come back to haunt them even as they try to brush it off with a facade of laughter. Anyway, here’s a fun side note! This entire paragraph, including this very sentence, is also an example of self-deprecating humour, verbal irony, and situational irony, as it is putting way too much effort into the explanation of a simple joke, which is not what is conventionally known, but what is conventionally known is that explaining jokes is very unfunny, so in explaining this joke I am self-deprecating myself by making me look unfunny and “cringe.”


My Favourite YouTube Video

This video means a lot to me. I remember my very great great great grandmother used to sing me this great song on the ukulele when I was young, maybe five or six, or nine, or two, whenever she would play the piano. I couldn’t remember the name of it, or any of the words (because it wasn’t in English), but I remembered the tune. It was something ethereal, like a dream. Like the twisting web of a white spider’s silk glimmering in the forlorn milky moonlight of yonder. Unfortunately, I never asked what the song was, but I searched for it, and here I found it:


A Picture Which Is Not My Favourite, but It’s Mine

This is probably not my favourite picture in the entire world, but it is my picture, as in, my drawing. I think it’s a decent drawing, so I like it. I would like it more if I hadn’t traced it (yes, I’m a fraud). Also, I had to ask my mom for some help with writing some of the Japanese kanji (the characters taken from Chinese) because I don’t know how to read those and some were too small or blurry to exactly copy. Even still, it took way too long for me to finish the drawing, but that’s mostly because I procrastinated. However, I do find it somewhat impressive that I did this all with the cheapest pens and pencils I found on the floor at school.

Oh. You can't see the image. Well, this is awkward.


My Favourite Website, Kind Of

My favourite website, like many others I would think, is Google. (I swear that link isn’t a rickroll.) I don’t think I really have to explain this one. Without Google, I couldn’t use many other websites, as Google is the search engine I use. Of course, there may be better search engines, but I have yet to use them. But Google also has things like Google Maps, which is pretty groovy.