guideline on commenting on my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please be thoughtful and considerate when you are commenting on my work. I’m outlining some guideline to help you with your comments.

  • Comments should be at least 2-5 sentences, not less.  

I believe that commenting on someone’s work cant be longer than a simple sentence. please be specific on what you think of my work.

  • Read the article. Read all the comments. Be part of the full discussion. 

Never comment on other people’s work until read the review of the work.

  • Use good grammar and spelling. Mistakes cause readers to focus on how you write, not your ideas.

Commenting on someone’s work and having that good grammar will get the reader’s to be more in tune on what you are taking about.

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated. 

You should always treat people the whether out there or online.

Sample: my blog post on cooking

”Hey Angel these ideas are great thank you. all the post that you do help to learn more of different kind of recipes. Would you be able to show how to make some of the recipes on you next post?”

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