final project

a. What is the overall topic and goal of your project?
my goal was to find out how technology affected my dad’s workplace over the years.
b. What tool did you use and what did you learn about it?
I used DaVinci Resolve to edit and put together my podcast
c. How has the process of utilizing this tool impacted your understanding of how technology can change (or help) the world? I’m not sure how video editing software can help or change the world.
my podcast is too large to add this post.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is a 34-year-old F1 driver. He has won 4 championships while he was driving for Redbull. His four championships were in the years 2010-2013. Sebastien Vettel is the youngest winner of a Grand Prix ever. After he was done driving for Redbull he joined Aston martin at the age of 33. The teams he drove for included Ferrari, toro Rosso, Sauber, Redbull, and Aston martin. He was born in Heppenheim, Germany. In total, he won 52 races for 5 different teams. 

Semester 1 Proud of Assignment

this semester my favorite assignment was a podcast. the podcast was for my communication 9 class. I really enjoyed this project because I had a lot of creative freedom with it. the requirements for the project were it had to be 6 to 7 minutes long 2 advertisements each 30 seconds long and that was it the rest was up to us I decided to make mine about comparing Marvel movies.

this was the logo for my podcast.

the podcast was my favorite project.

Break the Fake- video claiming the World Health Organization’s director-general said COVID-19 vaccines are “being used to kill children.”

1: this is what I found on zee news.  I’m going to see if this is a real video.  the video claims to say The World Health Organization’s director-general said COVID-19 vaccines are “being used to kill children.”

2: I did a wiki search about the news source and found out they have been caught fabricating some stories.


3:  I also used to see if the video was real. I was able to find out that the video is fake.

in conclusion the video is fake and zee news is not a trustable source.

socials-9 project

in socials 9 I did a project where I needed to create two questions about the journey of the mayflower and the speedwell

quel est la différence entre le Mayflower et le Speedwell. which means what are the differences between the two ships.


quel est Les problèmes pendant le voyage. which means what were the problems during the journey.

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