Final Product: Podcast

Hello! Welcome back to my edu blog 🙂

For my final assignment, I chose to make a podcast. My overall topic and goal for this project was to find out how the digital world has changed my guest speaker, Dr. Manbeena Sekhon, a clinical phycologists work and career in the last couple years. I used the tool ‘’ to create a podcast that could be uploaded directly to a viewing website. I learnt how easy it was to start a podcast and the basics of working one along the way. Creating this with the help of my guest speaker and this tool made me further understand how much of a role the digital world plays in our lives. With making a podcast, I understood how easy it is to spread information in an interesting way that viewers can listen to anywhere and everywhere. Dr. Sekhon also explained to us how with the pandemic hitting affected her life with the digital world in a very important way. Click the link below to hear more!

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