About Me

Hi I’m Lex and welcome to my site. I enjoy listening to music, reading, watching movies, relaxing, hanging out with friends and taking pictures. My favorite sport is Volleyball, I started playing when I was little. I hope reading the rest of this page helps you get to know me.


1)A Favorite Quote Of Mine:

My favorite quote is “Either you run the day or the day runs you”. – JIM ROHN

This is one of my favorite quotes because I take it as you have good days and you have bad days. Things always don’t go as planed in your day weather you have a schedule you stick to or not. Random things happen at random times, some are good and others maybe bad but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your day. You always have the chance to turn things around and make the day even better than it was.


2) My Favorite YouTube Clip:

I have never really spent time watching YouTube so I don’t have a favorite clip that probably isn’t music. So I have decided to attach one of my favorite songs that I grew up listening to it and still really enjoy the song. The song is called Hey Ya! by OutKast. I love this song because of the beat it’s also a great song to dance and sing to. click here


3) My favorite Picture:

This is one my favorite pictures because of how pretty the sky looks and the way that the colours mix. I love taking pictures of sun sets nature and a bunch of other cool things and out of all the picture I’ve taken I found that I like this one a lot more that others. I couldn’t tell you verbally what about the picture that makes it so much better but maybe if you look at it long enough you’d see why.


4) Favorite Website:

My favorite website is Spotify web because i love listening to music. I always have my Beats in playing music I could be Doing homework, cleaning, Walking home or playing volleyball. There is almost no time of day wear i don’t have my headphones in playing some of my favorite songs. click here.